Introducing "The Aquaponic Farming Experience" - An Immersive Commercial Course in how to design, build and operate an aquaponic farm

Today we are excited to announce our brand-new comprehensive commercial Aquaponics course called The Aquaponic Farming Experience.


The Aquaponic Farming Experience is based on our 5 years of commercial Aquaponics production here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We hold it on-site at Ouroboros Farms, one of the USA's largest commercial Aquaponics farms.  During a 3-Day session we will cover all of the technical and business aspects of running a successful, profitable Aquaponics farm.

This course is unique because we are Aquaponic farmers, not retailers. We are Urban Farmers, who have a complete Aquaponics business model we want to share with you, not equipment manufacturers trying to sell you a system. We teach our course at our farm, not someone else's. From Farmer's Markets to Michelin Starred restaurants, CSAs to Google's corporate kitchen, a Farm Stand to Online Produce Retailers. No other course on the market provides the depth and breadth of experience we can share with you, because we're living it. All this right here on the edge of Silicon Valley and all AgTech has to offer.

We learn in the classroom, and then walk 30' to our farm and see its real life application. As part of The Aquaponic Farming Experience we will treat you to a Farm to Table dinner with fish and produce harvested fresh that day by the students.

Come learn from experts in the industry, and be the answer when people in your local community begin asking the question... Who's my Farmer?

  1. Sessions held monthly starting June 9th.

$995 per person.  Group discounts available.