About Us

Why we care about fresh, healthy vegetables and sustainability.

Jessica Patton and Ken Armstrong, founders of Ouroboros Farms.

Jessica Patton and Ken Armstrong, founders of Ouroboros Farms.

Ken Armstrong, Owner ("Big Fish")

Owner and Founder of Ouroboros Farms . Before beginning the Farmer's journey, Ken was the production and inventory manager for Earthbath Natural Pet Care Products and a practitioner of "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy," a past life regression technique that connects people with their higher natures. He loves to travel and has been to all seven continents and visited over 50 countries, including a year long trip around the world, living in Ecuador for two years teaching English, and living for 4 months in Paris, France. Seeing the opportunity to be a pioneer in a new agricultural paradigm, combined with the desire to help others help themselves, Ken decided to take on the honor and responsibility of growing pure, nutritious, sustainable produce for you, as well as help spread awareness of food security, safety and sovereignty. 


Jessica Patton, "Plant Whisperer" and Community Relations

Jessica Patton is a native Californian with 13 years experience working with healing plants and herbs. She works with flower essences and has a passion for making tinctures, salves, teas and concoctions out of medicinal plants to benefit healing through connection with nature. She sees the potential for increased health benefits and a new balance amongst humans and the earth through the awareness of sustainably grown plants. During many years of gardening both indoors and outdoors, Jessica has experimented with various forms of growing. She has years of hydroponic experience and has previously lived on a self-sustainable farm for many years. She has experienced selling at farmers markets and loves connecting with people.