Introduction to Aquaponics (Aquaponics 1)
Class + Farm Tour + Lunch

Ken Armstrong, founder of Ouroboros Farms, demonstrating a home aquaponic system.
View of greenhouse with aquaponic media beds in foreground.

What is aquaponics? How does it work? What are the benefits? 
What are the challenges? What are the different types of systems? How does it all fit together?

Our Introduction to Aquaponics is a one-day class designed for beginning practitioners and those curious about this new agricultural paradigm. Join us as we cover how Aquaponics works, the nitrogen cycle, how fish plants and microbes are all interconnected, what the advantages are, what the challenges are,  and the different types of systems and setups. 

Class begins with a tour of Ouroboros Farms and we will break for lunch around noon.

Cost: $100 per person.  10% discount for groups of 2+ (Use Promo Code: GROUP1 at checkout). If you sign up for Aquaponics 2 at the same time there is a 17% discount.

9:00AM - 2:00PM

Includes: Workbook, lunch and a tour of Ouroboros Farms.

Private Aquaponics 1:  $125/person.  Minimum of 8 people.  Can be done any day but Sundays and other class/tour dates.  Email with inquiries.