Aquaponics Classes

We offer aquaponics classes for everyone.  Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, educator, urban farmer or commercial farmer, there's a class for you.

Ken Armstrong, founder of Ouroboros Farms, conducting an Aquaponics Farming class in our education center.

Ken Armstrong, founder of Ouroboros Farms, conducting an Aquaponics Farming class in our education center.

Our classes are taught by our team at Ouroboros Farms who are experts in the field of Aquaponics.

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THeres so much to do in the san francisco bay area

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge seen here from Fort Point in San Francisco is one of the many sights you can explore

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge seen here from Fort Point in San Francisco is one of the many sights you can explore

We are located on the beautiful Northern California coast in Half Moon Bay, just 40 miles south of San Francisco.  If you are travelling from outside of the area, you have easy access to the beautiful, vibrant San Francisco Bay Area.

Calendar of events at ouroboros farms

All of our classes and workshops are held onsite at Ouroboros Farms, one of the largest operating commercial aquaponic farms in the U.S..  You will have a first-hand opportunity to learn about, see and experience a working, thriving aquaponics farm.


Introduction to Aquaponics (Aquaponics 1)
Class + Farm Tour + Lunch

Ken Armstrong, founder of Ouroboros Farms, demonstrating a home aquaponic system.
View of greenhouse with aquaponic media beds in foreground.

What is aquaponics? How does it work? What are the benefits? 
What are the challenges? What are the different types of systems? How does it all fit together?

Our Introduction to Aquaponics is a one-day class designed for beginning practicioneers and those curious about this new agricultural paradigm. Join us as we cover how Aquaponics works, the nitrogen cycle, how fish plants and microbes are all interconnected, what the advantages are, what the challenges are,  and the different types of systems and setups. 

Class begins with a tour of Ouroboros Farms and we will break for lunch around noon.

Cost: $100 per person.  20% discount for groups of 2+ or if you sign up for Aquaponics 2 at the same time.

Includes: Workbook, lunch and a tour of Ouroboros Farms.

Private Aquaponics 1:  $125/person.  Minimum of 8 people.  Can be done any day but Sundays and other class/tour dates.  Email with inquiries.

Aquaponics System Build Class (Aquaponics 2)
Class Workbook + Lunch + Aquaponic System Build & Design Workbook

This home-size hybrid aquaponic system includes media bed and deepwater culture.

What does my system need in order to thrive? How do I balance Fish/Plant/Microbe needs? Where do those needs overlap?
What kinds of fish/plants can I grow? What are the different components I can use to build my system? How many fish should I use? How do I cycle my system? what type of maintenance can i expect?

Our Aquaponics 2 class is hands-on and designed for those who have a base knowledge of Aquaponics and want a deeper understanding on how to design a system and what it will take to run it. We will delve into: biodiversity and bio-availability of nutrients; choosing fish and plant species; approved construction materials; pumps; aeration; water chemistry; plant/fish biology and health; pest management; stocking density; cycling a system; and smart design for maximum output with minimal input. After lunch, we will line a DWC floating raft bed and install a bell siphon to complete a home system.  You will receive a workbook with detailed schematics and item/cut lists for this system.

Cost: $200 per person. 20% discount for groups of 2+ or if you sign up for this class and Aquaponics 1.

Includes: Class workbook; system build workbook; lunch

9:00 am - 5:00 pm.    

Private Aquaponics 2:  $200/person.  Minimum of 5 people.  Can be done any day but Sundays and other class/tour dates.  Email with inquiries.

The Aquaponic Farming Experience
3 Day Advanced Course

January 25-27, 2019

march 22-24, 2019

may 17-19, 2019

july 19-21, 2019

Aquaponic Hybrid System

Aquaponic Hybrid System

benefit from our journey that has taken us From farmers markets to Brew Pubs to 3 Michelin Starred Restaurants.

This experience is a combination of classwork and hands-on Aquaponic Farming Experience at our 23,000 sqft, 60,000 gallon Aquaponics Farm and Educational Center. No other training available in the market provides you the opportunity to experience hands on operation of successful urban commercial Aquaponics farm, with the actual farmers.  We've been living it for the past 6+ years, we'd love to share our experience with you.

Cost per person: $995 ($895 Early Bird before the 1st of Month’s class)

Includes Table at the Farm Dinner Saturday Night 

  Dinner @ The Farm

Join us and Chef Norman Tiedemann for a culinary journey though our farm.  On Saturday night of the training we will serve you a 3 course meal at the farm, highlighting fish and produce from our farm harvested fresh that day by the course participants. 



DWC • Media • NFT • Wicking • Hybrid System Design and Management • Aeration • Plumbing • Pumps • Filtration

Nitrogen Cycle • The Eco-System • Cycling • Water Quality and Monitoring • Water Sources • AgTech


Stocking rates • Species Selection • Feed Rates to Plant Area

Feeding • Handling • Harvesting • Selling


Seedling Production • Planting Schedules • Harvesting • Nutrient Needs and Optimal Levels

Disease and Insect Control • Beneficial Insects


Direct Restaurant Sales • Farmer's Markets • CSA • Farm Stand • Online Sales • Produce Distributors

Production Estimates • Value Added • Local & Precision Agriculture • Custom Growing


Operational Costs • Labor • Feed • Electricity • Water • Rent • Insurance • Permits • Personal Planning • Business Planning

Taxes • Bookeeping • Employees • Organic Certification • FSMA


PVC work • Liner Install • Siphon Construction and Operation

Fish Handling • Water Quality Testing • Seeding • Planting • Harvesting

Aquachronic Class
Grow Cannabis with Aquaponics

Aquaponically grown cannabis plants.


With the passage of Proposition 64 in California, it is now legal for adults over the age of 21 to grow up to 6 plants legally on their own property (*Check local ordnance.  Outdoor cultivation can be prohibited but not indoor)

This 2 day course will include all you need to know in order to grow legal organic cannabis Aquaponically. There are some tricks and certain construction considerations when choosing to grow in this manner.  We will teach you how and why this method is environmentally friendly and sustainable, uses significantly less water, and produces the purest product possible.  It's not just Chronic, its AquaChronic!

Topics will include: 

Legal stuff; Brief history; Benefits; Current Uses and Developments; Grow Room Planning and Security; Required Equipment and Recommended Equipment; Cannabis and Plant Tending; Nutrients and Chemistry; Disease and Pest Control; Harvesting and Curing; Edibles and Hash Making from Trim; Common Mistakes;  Questions / Q n A

Includes lunch, copy of presentation, and full tour of Ouroboros Farms.

9:00am - 5:00pm - Saturday & Sunday

Cost: $295/person.  

Growing Medicinal Plants
2 Day Class

Valerian Root and Aloe Vera

Valerian Root and Aloe Vera



Have you always wanted to grow organic medicinal herbs, sustainably and purely? Well look no further. 

We are happy to announce our Aquaponic Medicinal Herb Class. In this class you will learn about a wide range of medicinal plants and how to use them. 

From Aloe Vera to Yerba Maté and plethora in between. We cover many different planting methods and how they are used to maximize growth in each species, learning a few useful growing methods and chemistry.  How to properly grow useful herbs in Aquaponics specifically, and how to properly make use of your harvested herbs.  Be it salves, concentrates, smokeables, and MUCH MUCH more.


Why Herbs Over Medications; Aquaponic Basics; System Design; Planting methods
Growing Methods; Aquaponic Farm Tour


Plant Species; How to Tend Them; Harvesting; Extracting; Salves; Other Uses; Common Problems; Hands On; Wrap up; Q and A

Cost:  $295 per person


Includes lunch and a full tour of Ouroboros Farms.