The Aquaponic Farming Experience
2 Day special Course


November 3-4, 2018

This 2 day special aquaponics course features Dr. James Rakocy, the creator of modern Aquaponics.  Come learn at Ouroboros Farms, which was designed using the principals that Dr. Rakocy originated at the University of the Virgin Islands.  Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from the man who started it all! 

Topics include: 

 Aquaponic Hybrid System

Aquaponic Hybrid System

Workshop Outline

Day 1

1) The Status of Aquaponics – 2018

2) Developing Aquaponics – Lessons Learned

3) Principles of Aquaponics

4) Hydroponic Component Options

5) The UVI Aquaponic System

6) Water Quality Management

7) Managing Fish Production

8) Managing Plant Production

Day 2

9) Designing Media Systems

10) Designing Raft Systems

11) Economic Considerations

12) Commercial Facilities


benefit from our journey that has taken us From farmers markets to Brew Pubs to 3 Michelin Starred Restaurants.

This experience is a combination of classwork and hands-on Aquaponic Farming Experience at our 23,000 sqft, 60,000 gallon Aquaponics Farm and Educational Center. No other training available in the market provides you the opportunity to experience hands on operation of successful urban commercial Aquaponics farm, with the actual farmers.  We've been living it for the past 6+ years, we'd love to share our experience with you.

Cost per person: $499

Includes Table at the Farm Dinner Saturday Night 

  Dinner @ The Farm

Join us and Chef Norman Tiedemann for a culinary journey though our farm.  On Saturday night of the training we will serve you a 3 course meal at the farm, highlighting fish and produce from our farm harvested fresh that day by the course participants.