Growing Medicinal Plants
2 Day Class

Valerian Root and Aloe Vera

Valerian Root and Aloe Vera



Have you always wanted to grow organic medicinal herbs, sustainably and purely? Well look no further. 

We are happy to announce our Aquaponic Medicinal Herb Class. In this class you will learn about a wide range of medicinal plants and how to use them. 

From Aloe Vera to Yerba Maté and plethora in between. We cover many different planting methods and how they are used to maximize growth in each species, learning a few useful growing methods and chemistry.  How to properly grow useful herbs in Aquaponics specifically, and how to properly make use of your harvested herbs.  Be it salves, concentrates, smokeables, and MUCH MUCH more.


Why Herbs Over Medications; Aquaponic Basics; System Design; Planting methods
Growing Methods; Aquaponic Farm Tour


Plant Species; How to Tend Them; Harvesting; Extracting; Salves; Other Uses; Common Problems; Hands On; Wrap up; Q and A

Cost:  $295 per person


Includes lunch and a full tour of Ouroboros Farms.